IIS 7.0 error HTTP Error 500.19 -Internal Server Error (Error Code 0x80070003)


I have got IIS7 running on my Windows 2008 Server It works perfectly working for the sites and the folder that I hosted before. Now I am trying to host a folder which contains two subfolder(the subfolders contain some images).

I have correctly set the IIS_IUSRS permissions on the site folder. When I try to browse the folder I got the following error,

HTTP Error 500.19 -Internal Server Error The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid

Module: CustomErrorModule Notification: SendResponse Handler: Not yet determined ErrorCode: 0x80070003 ConfigError: Cannot read configurationFile ConfigFile: \? \H:\EMRImages\web.config RequestedURL: https://localhost:443/EMRMachineIamge PhysicalPath:H:\EMRImages LogonMethod: Not yet determind Logonuser:Not yet determind

** the same thing is working fine in previously host folder in the same IIS 7.0.Please help me,thanks in advance

asked on Stack Overflow Mar 23, 2010 by purnang.advant

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I have had a very similar error. The line:


typically implies you've configured IIS to try and serve a website over mapped network drive (the \\?\ is the giveaway), this happened to me because my profile maps the drive on W:, although it was native to the machine on E:. As soon as I corrected the drive error, everything was working correctly.

0x80070003 does seem to be specifically related to this network drive issue, although I believe this Microsoft KB Article goes into some detail on it: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/207671

answered on Stack Overflow Oct 1, 2012 by xmjw • edited Oct 1, 2012 by đ»egDwight

I had this same error and found that I had another application configured on the sub folder in IIS. Perhaps try removing the applications and recreating them?

answered on Stack Overflow Jun 4, 2010 by mattdwen

In my case I unwittingly renamed the folder with the website.

answered on Stack Overflow Jan 22, 2016 by Tomas Kubes

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