WebAPI project not accepting ImageResizer config


I've created a small WebAPI that uses ImageResizer to scale some images stored in my machine. It works flawlessly.

Now I need to use the RemoteReader plugin to allow for on-the-fly resizing of web-served images. I've installed ImageResizer.Plugins.RemoteReader using nuget but all the requests fail because IIS Web Core won't accept the resizer tag in the web.config file, giving a 0x80070032 error code. I've tried an empty <resizer /> tag and it still fails.

I am using Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2012, the project is .Net framework 4.0 and both ImageResizer and ImageResizer.Plugins.RemoteReader are version="3.4.2".

Anyone has any clue as to what is wrong?

asked on Stack Overflow Mar 18, 2014 by Juan Clavero

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You didn't install ImageResizer itself into Web.config, so the <resizer/> element hasn't been defined. Install ImageResizer.MvcWebConfig and you'll be good to go.

answered on Stack Overflow Mar 18, 2014 by Lilith River

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