Program crashes when trying to start it outside Code::Blocks


So, i've got a little problem with my Code::Blocks IDE. i know this question shouldnt belong here, but ive asked this question a while ago on different forums, and so far, no one was able to help me - so im trying it here now. I configured my CB so it would compile with MinGW64 on Windows 8.1, made a little trivial console program which prints something, and compiled with -m64 .So far, so good. When i build it and then start it with CB, it runs just fine, but when im trying to launch the executable found in the bin folder, the program crashes at startup, telling me that it couldnt start correctly (Error Code: 0xc000007b) . So, can anybody help me here? i would greatly appreciate it. Again, running it using CB works just fine, just double-clicking the exe ends with the error said before.

asked on Stack Overflow Feb 4, 2014 by tubberd

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