Visual Studio can not start debug session when debuging kernel driver


When I try to debug my KMDF driver from Visual Studio 2013, I get following error

Windows Debugging Extension for Visual Studio

Could not start debug session, error 8004005: Unspecified error

Before I get the error, it do install the driver on the target machine. Is there any log file where I can see more information?

Edit 1:

The host is Windows 7 and the target is Windows 8.1 installed in VMWare ESXi

Edit 2:

I have now tested with WINDBG, and get following log output:

Using NET for debugging

Open WinSock 2.0

Failed to initialize socket. Error On-2147467259

Kernel debugger failed initialization, HRESULT 0x80004005

"Unspecified error"

I also get following message box:

Could not start kernel debugging using

net:port=50230,key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX parameters, HRESULT 0x80004005

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