application creating muant handles and never frees them


My c++ application is creating mutant handles. I couldn't find where the handle is being created, so I used Windbg and with !htrace. It doesnt give the exact function name. All my symbol files are loaded and the application is built in debug mode.

!htrace shows open handles but the exact function where the handle is been opened,it doesnt show. The trace looks like this

Handle = 0x00000d34 - OPEN
Thread ID = 0x00003670, Process ID = 0x00004748

0x77a0473c: ntdll!ZwCreateMutant+0x0000000c
0x75d7a0cd: KERNELBASE!CreateMutexExW+0x0000005e
0x75d7bb94: KERNELBASE!CreateMutexExA+0x0000002f
0x75d7bb5c: KERNELBASE!CreateMutexA+0x0000001d

Is there any alternative way to debug this issue?

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