Config Error Failed to decrypt attribute 'password'


Module IIS Web Core
Notification Unknown
Handler Not yet determined
Error Code 0x8007000d
Config Error Failed to decrypt attribute 'password'
Config File Unavailable (Config Isolation)

When i run my app im getting this error and i couldn't find any solution please help?

asked on Stack Overflow Sep 3, 2013 by WeyCell

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I resolved the issue. The problem was C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config file. In the config file, I deleted username and password definitions for applications and it worked well.

answered on Stack Overflow Sep 5, 2013 by WeyCell • edited Mar 24, 2021 by spottedmahn

I had the same issue after clone a Web Server.


Source Server:

aspnet_regiis -px "iisConfigurationKey" "C:\temp\iisConfigurationKey.xml" -pri 
aspnet_regiis -px "iisWasKey" "C:\temp\iisWasKey.xml" -pri 

Destination Server:

aspnet_regiis -pi "iisConfigurationKey" "C:\temp\iisConfigurationKey.xml" 
aspnet_regiis -pi "iisWasKey" "C:\temp\iisWasKey.xml"

And, at the final, copy applicationhost.config from the source server to destination server.

answered on Stack Overflow Jan 12, 2017 by Alexandre Smialoski • edited Jan 12, 2017 by pableiros

I fixed this by disabling Anonymous Access in the application, then re-enabling it immediately. No IIS restart necessary.

answered on Stack Overflow Jul 31, 2015 by Rots

This is one of those mystery errors. For me, the issue occurred when we cloned a development server. When I went to reconfigure some the sites in IIS on the cloned server, one of the sites threw this error. You need to delete all the sites that shared the same app pool in IIS and recreate them.

answered on Stack Overflow Jan 4, 2017 by PhillyNJ • edited Jan 31, 2017 by PhillyNJ

I had the same problem and I changed the Physical Path under the website's advanced settings to a dummy path then changed it back, then it started working.

answered on Stack Overflow Feb 13, 2019 by BurnWithLife

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