MSMQ won't enable on windows 7 machine


I'm trying to enable MSMQ on my development computer (running Windows 7).

I go to turn windows features on or off -> Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Server Core -> Check MSMQ Active Directory Domain Services Integration AND MSMQ HTTP Support.

When I click OK, I get the error "An Error has occurred. Not all of the features were successfully changed." -> Click OK -> "You must restart your computer to apply these changes".

I've clicked Restart Now and Restart later and no matter what, same issue every time.

If I selected Restart later and go into Services...I see Message Queuing (stopped), and if I try to start the service, I get the error "Windows could not start the Message Queuing service on Local Computer. Error 0x80070005: Access denied."

I checked my privileges and I am an Admin on the machine. Just to be safe, I even logged into the machine as the actual Administrator. Same scenario.

Furthermore, when I go into the Event Viewer, I check the Application logs. I have an error with MSMQ as the Source. EventID: 2076, Error: The logger files cannot be initialized. The file QMLog in the Msmq\Storage folder is corrupted or absent. Error 0x80070005: Access denied.

If I check the System Logs, I see another error with the source being Service Control manager. Error eventId: 7023, Error: The Message Queuing service terminated with the following error: %%-2147024891

When I look up the error codes on Microsoft, there is NOTHING.

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I had something like this - not sure how it came about as I always had AD integration turned ON for my MSMQ (as I needed it) but somewhere along the line, it got turned off and I couldn't turn it back on again via Control Panel - I would get the error behaviour (and restart!) that the OP describes. To fix it, I accessed my machine via the AD services manager app on one of our domain servers and deleted the "msmq" object that was under it.

I restarted my local MSMQ service on my machine AND rebooted (not sure which or both was required) and then when I checked my local registry entries, it indicated I was correctly running in AD mode once again. Everything started to work again after that.

This link was helpful in giving me the right direction to go in: Technet MSMQ delete stale objects article

answered on Stack Overflow Aug 1, 2013 by Rory Solley

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