Kernel Panic due to bad paging request


What can be the reasons for the kernel to panic due to

 Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 0x00000024 epc=0x9caf9876 ra=0x9432adfc
  1. Address not yet dynamically allocated
  2. No corresponding virtual address entry in page table

What else?

Correct me if am wrong.

asked on Stack Overflow Aug 29, 2012 by sr01853

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virtual address 0x00000024

Surely that's a NULL pointer dereference? Accessing p->field, where p == NULL and offsetof(typeof(p), field) == 0x24.

EDIT: ah, note this doesn't explain a full panic. Most frequently, a NULL pointer dereference would take down one task, log "OOPS" and a bracktrace, and let you try to shut down. With a panic, all you could do is hit the hard reboot button.

If you had a NULL-pointer dereference inside the MM, maybe that would be a reason for a full panic. I think the surrounding messages would let you determine whether that was the case.

answered on Stack Overflow Aug 29, 2012 by sourcejedi • edited Aug 29, 2012 by sourcejedi

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