Metro App - How to detect if logged in with Live ID or Local Account


I am building a Metro C# SkyDrive API on top of the Live Connect SDK ( - in Windows 8 the user has the choice to SignIn to the Windows 8 machine with either a LOCAL account, or a LIVE account.

When using the Live Connect SDK, if I call

// assume wlscopes is properly set

LiveAuthClient liveAuthClient = new LiveAuthClient();
LiveLoginResult loginResult = await liveAuthClient.LoginAsync(wlscopes);

// do some stuff on skydrive

liveAuthClient.Logout();   // <-- issue only with live account, not local

when using a LOCAL account, it logs me out (great)

When I call the same code when using a LIVE account, I get an unhanded exception -- I cannot even add a try {} catch {} around this error.


Cannot sign out from the application since the user account is connected. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8086000E)

Obviously since the user that is logged in under a Live account cannot logout, my api needs to detect if the current user is using a live account so I can prevent calling the logout() method.

so....My question is, how do I know which account type the user has signed in with in Windows 8?

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Found the answer:

Below is the property that we need to use:


Code Example:

    public async Task<bool> Logout()
        // Check to see if the user can sign out (Live account or Local account)
        var onlineIdAuthenticator = new OnlineIdAuthenticator();
        var serviceTicketRequest = new OnlineIdServiceTicketRequest("wl.basic", "DELEGATION");
        await onlineIdAuthenticator.AuthenticateUserAsync(serviceTicketRequest);

        if (onlineIdAuthenticator.CanSignOut)

        return true;
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