Unable to remove deployed printers from workstations via GPO


I have about 40 printers which are were deployed in old method (GPO - user - deployed printers) Each printer have a security group in Permissions tab users whom can use it. For now i have a problem that some printers appeares at workstations where user doesn't have a permissions if he not in security group of that printer.

For example:
user1 added to security group printer01-print-group and he able to print to printer01. But he also see printers which he used earlier and then was deleted from group: printer02, printer03, etc. They are not accessible to him but he can see the on the list.

In GPP i tried the user policy "Printer" and set it to delete all printers from workstations. But some printer deleted and some printers didn't.

In GP result i had an error:

0x80070005 access is denied

What i tried to do:
1.add SYSTEM account to printer security on print server
2.add DOMAIN COMPUTERS to printer security on print server
3.Trying to delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Printers\Connections

What i'm doing wrong? How can i deleted inactive printers wich are not accessible?
thank you!

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