Windows Server 2016 slow response on wrong file-sharename


Having dedicated storage (NetApp Release 9.3P4) since some time we have a lot of trouble with some changed SMB timeouts on Windows Server 2016.

Between Windows Server 2008R2 and Windows Server 2016 we have a huge difference of response time (error message) to faulty share names (for example mistype \\server\harename instead of \\server\sharename).

Share access itself works fine for both operating system, only the access on faulty-share-names the access via Windows Server 2016 leads to an error message (0x80004005) after about 1 minute, same procedure on 2008R2 leads to error 0x80004005 after 10 seconds. (Behaviour is only if the share name is wrong not if the hostname is wrong)

I think this is related to the SMB settings / protocol (2.1 vs 3.1.1), but don't know where to look for. Any suggestions what we could change to have back the "fail-fast" error message in case of "mistyped share names"?

asked on Server Fault Aug 13, 2019 by fadanner

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