Hyper-v replication gives timed out error


Due to a HDD space issue, I paused replication from our main server to replication/backup server. Both are running Win 2012R2.

I have now resolved the space issue on the destination server and Hyper-V is requiring me to 'resynchronize' a few VM's.

I have tried this, but on two of the VM's it is giving me a Hyper-V failed to resynchronize changes for virtual machine '<VM NAME>': The operation timed out (0x00002EE2) error in Event Viewer.

It then stops and starts from the beginning again and throws up this error again, and it just does this over and over...

Now I understand the 'timed out' error, but this is between two hosts that have a 1Gbps internet connection so I cannot see how that can be possible, certainly not if it is trying to say that the source/destination servers do not have enough bandwidth. I would accept that it times out for a different reason, but what could that be? The errors give no more info.

Is it possible to give the operation more time to try and complete? I assume that it is trying to resync the whole thing as it was disabled for around 2 weeks and cannot perform a simply 'replicate changes' and needs to do the whole thing.

It seems to get to 45% then throws that error, stops and tries again from 0%.

Any pointers on how to resolve would be great.


asked on Server Fault Apr 23, 2019 by omega1

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It might be DNS or TCP/IP related error. Make sure that replica and source host can ping each other using ping or nslookup by DNS name, FQDN and IP. Here is some info (#3) - https://www.altaro.com/hyper-v/advanced-troubleshooting-of-hyper-v-replica-part-1/

answered on Server Fault Apr 30, 2019 by A.Newgate

My solution for this was to completely remove all replication and start again from scratch. To do so I simply removed replication on both sides, deleted all replicas on replica server and then initiated the replication on the main server again.

This was definitely not a connectivity issue, so I really do not know why I was getting the 'timeout' error.

Strange, but that's how I resolved it.

answered on Server Fault May 28, 2019 by omega1

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