Can't connect from any active directory Windows PC to a Samba share with IP address, only with host name


Ok, this one is a bit surreal:

We have an all Windows network with Active Directory that has the domain controller server, a file server and a database server. Recently we had to add a SUSE Enterprise Server to the network to serve a Linux specific application and some files related to that app.

I added the server do the domain as instructed in the SUSE support page and configured the share folders. All computers in the network were able to access \\SLES12\ShareFolder without any issue, all authentication was being managed by the AD DC and everything was working flawlessly or so I thought.

Today somebody came to me and said that the Samba share was unavailable. I tested \\SLES12\ShareFolder and it was Ok but the person kept insisting that the share was unavailable so I VNCed to the workstation and sure enough \\\ShareFolder is returning a 0x80004005 error with Windows cannot access.

The closest solution that I found to a similar problem was this answer in but it was related to a Windows share.

All the other shares in Windows servers in our network are accessible either by IP or hostname so I'm somewhat convinced that this is a problem in the Samba configuration but I don't know what could it be, son any help is appreciated.

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