Error in job agent when running a package in SSISDB catalog (SQL Server)


I created a simple package in visual studio. Then I deployed this package in SSISDB catalog which is on a different server. I am using Job agent to execute this package with a proxy account. But I am getting this error in Job Agent:

"Excuted as user: *\test**. Microsoft (R) SQL Server execute Package Utility Version 13.0.5153.0 for 64-bit Copyright 2016 Microsoft. All rights reserved. Failed to execute IS server package because of error 0x80131904. Server: ****, Package path: ****.dtsx , Environment reference Id: NULL. Description: Login failed for user: '*\test'**. Source: .Net SqlClient Data Provider. .... The package execution failed. The step failed."

Kindly help me with identifying this issue.

asked on Server Fault Sep 3, 2018 by SKK

1 Answer


Fixed the issue by giving the user access to the catalog.

answered on Server Fault Dec 11, 2018 by SKK

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