UNC path network connection error 0x80004005


I'm attempting to connect to Windows Server 2016 Standard Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.1715) via UNC path \\MyServer\F$

I receive the following error after a few moments:

Error Message

  • I am a Domain Admin
  • Firewall is off on both machines (the proper ports were in place to allow, but for the sake of troubleshooting, I turned off the FW)
  • I can ping MYSERVER via IP address and DNS name
  • I can RDP to the DNS name and the IP address
  • Default LMHOSTS file
  • DNS is set correctly
  • NetBIOS setting is Default
  • File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is enabled
  • Client for Microsoft Networks is enabled
  • We use IPv4 and IPv6
  • Both machines are VMWare VMs
  • The machine used to connect to the WS2016SE is in a different subnet
  • The machine I am using can connect to other systems in the same subnet as the WS2016SE via the UNC path and admin shares
  • The same result with IP or DNS name
  • I can connect from the WS2016SE server to any other server on the same subnet or different and access the UNC path or admin shares, so the issue is one way
  • I have compared the settings of known working systems to the WS2016SE and they are the same
  • The settings in vSphere are the same
  • Systems in the same subnet cannot access the UNC path or admin shares

What gives, I am at a loss? Short of rebuilding this server is there anything that anyone can suggest?

asked on Server Fault Nov 8, 2017 by Sean Perkins

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After further research, I was not able to find a resolution. I ended up completely rebuilding this server to fix the matter.

Moreover, I meticulously went through all the settings and configurations I found in research and listed here and they were all the same.

Serious head scratcher...

answered on Server Fault Nov 16, 2017 by Sean Perkins

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