Win 7 time service error


I see a warning in my Win7 Events Log:

The time service has not synchronized the system time for 86400 seconds because none of the time service providers provided a usable time stamp.

The message suggests that I run:

w32tm /resync

When I try to run that command, I get an error:

The following error occurred: The specified module could not be found. <0x8007007E>

I can run w32tm with no arguments and get the expected list of w32tm commands, so the program is accessable and runs.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

asked on Server Fault Nov 23, 2009 by (unknown user)

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Is this computer joined to a domain or is it standalone? Can you ping

answered on Server Fault Nov 23, 2009 by Sean Earp

Sounds like a firewall issue; verify that UDP port 123 is open to your time source. The source will be the domain controller for domain-joined machines, or for standalone. To get an idea of what NTP servers you are configured to use, and how well in sync you aren't, you can use:

w32tm /monitor

(Ping testing won't much help diagnosis because ping is ICMP, a different protocol than the UDP that carries NTP. So it's like using your bicycle to verify you can drive somewhere in your car - but your car has a flat tire.)

answered on Server Fault Aug 3, 2010 by AndyN

I had the same problem. The Microsoft Knowledge Base Article and the associated hot fix solved it for me.

answered on Server Fault Oct 15, 2010 by Leigh Riffel

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