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After replacing a harddisk and copying my Exchange database files I cannot mount them. Before copying them I stopped the Exchange Storage service so my databases are clean. But when I try to mount them I get the error MapiExceptionCallFailed: Unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005, ec=-546)

I already tried several things (including various eseutil runs) but the error persists.

I also tried to restore a backup of the database (using Windows Server Backup). After the restore I got the error "Unable to read the log file header. Error -546"

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The problem seems to be a different size for the new disk. The old disk (4TB) was likely emulating 512 bytes sectors while the new disk (RAID10) is 2048 bytes sectors. I did try to store the database on an old 2TB drive but that was real 512 bytes sectors so the error persistet.

After reading I just moved all log files to another folder and was then able to mount the databases.

Now I could see the mails in the folder view but all mails were reported as missing. I ran isinteg.exe and it fixed a lot of errors. After that everything seems to be ok, I'm only missing a couple of mails from the last days.

answered on Server Fault Jan 7, 2017 by Martin Walter

First thing, you need to check the state of the database using eseutil/mh. If the database is in a dirty shutdown state, then you need to repair it first using eseutil /p.

Check the state again and if it is in Clean Shutdown state then moved all log files to another folder and try to mount the database again.

Also follow this discussion to fix the issue!!

answered on Server Fault Nov 19, 2018 by Shelly

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