Windows 10 can't reach WSUS with GPO


I have a Windows Server 2016 machine installed with WSUS. I have the firewall port 8530 and 8531 allowed through. I have 10 updates approved and ready for download. I have a GPO with 3 computers in it with the Intranet location for WSUS set to HOSTNAME:8530 and Stats server set to http://HOSTNAME:8530

I am trying to get the laptops on Windows 10 x64 to connect to the server and pull the updates. When I go to connect to the WSUS server Windows Updates states:

We couldn't connect to the update service. We'll Try again later, or you can check now.

This is my first WSUS install so I need a little help. When I run the ClientDiag.exe on the client I get the following.

Checking Machine State
Checking for admin rights to run tool -- PASS
Automatic Updates Service is running -- PASS
Background Intelligent Transfer Service is running -- PASS

GetFileVersion(szEngineDir,&susVersion) failed by hr=0x80070002

The System cannot find the file specified

Press Enter to Complete

If I go the browser and go to http://HOSTNAME:8530/Setup/ it successfully downloads the cab file. So it can reach the location.

I cannot figure out how to get ELTs and the WindowsUpdate log to show me any USEFUL information since they moved it to that stupid ELT through PowerShell configuration.

What am I missing or am unable to see why my client cannot connect to WSUS?

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