Why are Mapped Drives using GPO saying they can't find the network path or do not have access?


Shared drive is being set as the following

\\SERVER\SHARE using drive N 
All drives have no change
Show hidden drives no change
Titled: "Share"
Reconnect: unchecked
Set as Update/Create/Replace (all have not worked)
Set to apply "Run in logged on users's account context".

I am able to get to this share with the IP address, FQDN, and straight typing the share in with no problem. Share is open to everyone without a problem.

I am getting this error:

The user 'N:\'(Drive Letter) preference item in the 'Policy {286A2E15-C12D-499A-86F2-3F57283FB262}' Group Policy object did not apply because it failed with error code '0x80070005 Access is denied.'

This error was suppressed.

Or the 80070043 error stating that there are no permissions.

Permissions on the share are for everyone to have all permissions.

Can anyone tell me why the GPO cannot map the drive on to these computers?

I have tried altering the Map Drive settings over and over but it still gives me these errors and does not show the drive.

Server is Windows Server 2008R2 x64 Computers on Windows 7 Professional x64

asked on Server Fault Jul 26, 2016 by JukEboX

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Found the issue. For some reason the share was showing up for computers but not on the File Server section of the server. I re-added the share after a restart. Share now shows up on all the machines through GPO. Don't know how it was looking like a ghost on the computers and the server but it is now working.

answered on Server Fault Jul 29, 2016 by JukEboX

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