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I set up work folders in my organization and that was fine until last week. now I have some issue. One of my clients' works fine but mine and the others' can't access to work folders. I have admin access on the work folder server but I can't using work folders. the server error is:

The windows sync service failed to update the current state of an item.
Item \??\E:\Resources\"User Name"; Error code (0x80070005) Access is Denied. 

Also in client I get this error: Access is denied.

asked on Server Fault Apr 5, 2016 by Mehrnaz • edited Apr 5, 2016 by David Makogon

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I resolved the problem using Access Check tool. Using Access Check tool I figured out the modifications applied by my colleague.

answered on Server Fault Apr 9, 2016 by Mehrnaz

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