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I've been using WSUS to roll out IE11, there's a few stranglers that IE11 will not install and I've started looking into. Here's what I've done.

  1. Confirmed all prerequisite updates have been done.

  2. I'm using the x64 bit package of ie11 and only using x64 servers and workstations.

  3. I've ran Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth, which has come back clean.

  4. Ran KB947821

  5. Ran sfc /scannow which has also come back clean.

Digging up the IE11_main.log install file, I've found the following:

00:37.188: INFO:    The neutral pack was successfully downloaded from the internet. Installation will continue using the downloaded package.
00:37.188: INFO:    Waiting for 0 language pack downloads.
00:37.188: INFO:    Language pack downloads completed. (exit code = 0xffffffff (4294967295)).
00:37.282: INFO:    No reboot logic message NrApiStart(0), lParam=0x00742790 returned 0x00000000.
00:41.922: INFO:    No reboot logic message NrApiScan(1), lParam=0x00000001 returned 0x00000000.
00:41.922: INFO:    No reboot logic message NrApiStartInstall(4), lParam=0x00000001 returned 0x00000014.
00:41.922: INFO:    Installing with the downloaded package. C:\Windows\TEMP\IE1B79D.tmp\
00:42.032: INFO:    Launched package installation: C:\Windows\SysNative\dism.exe /online /add-package /packagepath:C:\Windows\TEMP\IE1B79D.tmp\ /quiet /norestart
01:03.750: INFO:    Process exit code 0x00003701 (14081) [The referenced assembly could not be found. ]
01:03.766: ERROR:   Neutral package installation failed (exit code = 0x00003701 (14081)).
  1. I've confirmed that the path C:\Windows\TEMP\IE1B79D.tmp\ exists and that is there. Before it removes the folder

The best I can guess is that it's having issues using dism out of the c:\windows\sysnative folder. I've tested accessing c:\windows\sysnative through x86 powershell.

I've checked other servers and confirmed that the install is using C:\Windows\SysNative\dism.exe /online /add-package /packagepath:C:\Windows\TEMP\IE1B79D.tmp\ /quiet /norestart as well.

Googling doesn't seem to provide too much information about what issue I'm having, including looking up the error code Process exit code 0x00003701 (14081). Any assistance understanding why IE11 won't install would be greatly appreciated.

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