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i hope that you're very well todaay.

Again i'm posting here trying to find a solution for a very strange behavior of RDP Session.

I'm implementing a Server 2003 Image with MDT 2012. In the deployment process I'm implementing some KB's needed

I'll write the updates installed using the task sequence here:

KB923845 - BITS







Later, internally executes some customization process and after that all is ok except that when the people in the organization tries to connect to a remote desktop session, it works but the performance it is not the expected. Is too slow, every second when they tries to move a windows or open the task manager exists a lag about three o four seconds. However locally all is ok. I think that could be the image because we connect to another computers with the SAME OS in the SAME subnet from the same computer and that's not occurs.

Can you helpme?

Additional info: in two or three situations, when the IT Manager tries to connect a RDP Session, the computer shows a bluscreen with this information: The driver is mismanaging System PTE's

Technical Information: STOP: 0x000000DA

I was checking the latest version of the driver and is the currently installed.

I hope that you can helpme!



Additional info: we check the dmp files with WInDBG and we updated the video driver but the problem persists, only functions ok if we again made a sysprep process.

asked on Server Fault Jan 6, 2016 by Jason

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The SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE bug check has a value of 0x000000DA. This indicates that a page table entry (PTE) routine has been used in an improper way.

Use WinDBG and the parameters included with the bugcheck to identify the problematic driver. Although you say in your question that you updated your video driver, I see no evidence in your question that the video driver was actually the driver causing the problem.

If the driver that is crashing the kernel is from a 3rd party vendor, contact the vendor and see if there's an update. Or, if the driver belongs to an optional component, then uninstall it. If the driver belongs to Microsoft, then:


There is no valid reason or excuse to be deploying Server 2003 at this point in time.

answered on Server Fault Jan 6, 2016 by Ryan Ries

after a lot of testing, definitely the problem we caused because the image was not captured with Sysprep. We run sysprep and the process of recognition of the HAL allow us to connect to RDP sessions without any problems.

answered on Server Fault Feb 26, 2016 by Jason

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