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I need to disable the language bar on Windows Server 2012R2 for some reason and what I've found online does not seem to solve it for me. I've started looking at Win8 solutions to this thinking that it will use the same settings on Server 2012 but so far I can't do it.

Here's a list of things I've found and tried:

And a couple more registry/GPO settings I can't remember at this point. Has anybody done this before? I'd appreciate if anybody can at least try one of the options I listed and let me know if it worked for them so I can start troubleshooting.

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By default Windows Server 2012 R2 doesn't show a language bar, it shows an indicator in the tray area:

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You change between input languages by pressing WIN+Spacebar. If you want to get rid of the indicator do the following:

  • Right click on the task bar, choose Properties.
  • On the Taskbar tab click Customize...
  • Click the Turn system icons on or off link.
  • Switch Input Indicator to Off:

enter image description here

answered on Server Fault Jan 28, 2015 by Peter Hahndorf

Did you try?

1- Check the box before "Control Panel - Language - Advanced settings - Use the desktop language bar when it's available";
2- Click the link below - "Change language bar hot keys", then select the "language bar" tab, choose "Hidden".
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You can disable this "Input Indicator" by setting a Group Policy Preference GPP (sorry for the german language entry, but you figure it out for sure):


Schlüsselpfad: Control Panel\Desktop

Name: UserPreferencesMask


Wertdaten: 9012038010010000

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To disable language bar on Windows Server 2012 R2 just add the following registry entry:



Value=0x00040000 (Hex) or 262144 (decimal)

It's also working on Citrix XenApp 7.11

answered on Server Fault Oct 27, 2016 by badboy

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