sql web replication ?diag errors


Trying to configure web replication, and running into a number of issues.

When running replisapi.dll?Diag, I receive the following errors:

CLSID_SQLReplErrors FAILED 0x80040154 

replrec.dll classes FAILED 0x80040154 

I tried copying replrec.dll from the SQL Server to the IIS server and registering the DLL, but then the call to ?Diag hangs, and just says "Waiting" indefinitely.

I also tried using the Configure Web Replication Wizard on the publication, with no luck.

Server 2012 for both the DB server and IIS server SQL Server 2012 IIS 8 SQL Connectivity Components are installed on the IIS server SQL Management Studio is installed on the IIS server

Any suggestions?


asked on Server Fault Oct 5, 2014 by Brad

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I was able to fix this problem by installing an instance of SQL Express and the replication components on the IIS Server. I'm glad it fixed it, but that step isn't on any of the checklists, which all say just to install the Connectivity Components and Management Studio.

answered on Server Fault Sep 10, 2015 by Brad

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