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My workstation has Windows 8.1 and uses iSCSI for SAN storage, which is where the Hyper-V configuration and VHD files sit. When the workstation is booting up, the VM is not able to auto start because "The Virtual Machines configuration 037C33D6-433C-42AF-B51A-F7292A1FB2A4 at 'H:\Degas\vnix' is no longer accessible: The system cannot find the path specified. (0x80070003)." What dependencies do I need to configure to tell Hyper-V to wait until iSCSI is up and running before it starts looking for files on the SAN?

asked on Server Fault Jul 28, 2014 by Kevin Mangold

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This Microsoft support article has the answer. You need to set the Hyper-V services to depend upon the iSCSI services if they are not already.

You should also make sure that your iSCSI services are not set to use Automatic (Delayed startup) as discussed at:

But like TomTom said, it sounds like you have not properly configured iSCSI and I would recommend redoing the steps required to configure your iSCSI initiator to work with your iSCSI target before attempting the steps above, because while these steps may offer a workaround to the problem you're experiencing they are not a replacement for having it properly configured from jump street.

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