Error while querying various classes within root/webadministration namespace


I am using a WMI query(using wbemtest):

select * from AuthenticationSection

using namespace root/webadministration, and I am getting the follwing error on a few servers (Windows Server 2008):

Number: 0x80041013 
Facility: Win32 Description:Provider Load Failure

On a few machines(Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008), I am also getting the following error:

Number: 0x80070003 
Facility: Win32 Description: The system cannot find the path specified.

The above mentioned errors are for reproduced for other classes like HandlersSection, IsapiCgiRestrictionSection, GlobalModulesSection etc. under the same namespace but also works on some servers (Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008)

Are there any kind of configuration settings that has to be set prior to running these queries?

I tried googling but could not find anything useful, highly appreciate your help.

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In order to query the root/WebAdministration namespace, you'll need to install the IIS7 WMI Provider.

On Windows Server 2008, you can install it by including the following IIS Role Service in Server Manager:

  • Web Server Role
    • Role Services
      • Management Tools
        • IIS Management Scripts and Tools

enter image description here

To access the root/MicrosoftIIsv2 namespace as well, tick of the "IIS 6 WMI Compatability" also

answered on Server Fault Jul 16, 2014 by Mathias R. Jessen

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