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I have two servers running Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Servers running. This past week they both 'lost' themselves as WDS servers. What I mean by that is under the Servers group in the WDS role there are no machines listed. When I try to add localhost I get "Access is denied." After enabling tracing, I got a log with the error below.

[3812] 09:40:49: Started the asyncCreateServer in the background thread.
[3992] 09:40:49: -> CDataServer::CreateServer
[3992] 09:40:49: -> CDataCache::GetWdsServer
[3992] 09:40:49: Failed to get the WDS Server
[3992] 09:40:49: <- CDataCache::GetWdsServer=80070005
[3992] 09:40:49: Failed to create IWdsServer object
[3992] 09:40:49: Done Getting the Status of the Server.
[3992] 09:40:49: <- CDataServer::CreateServer=80070005
[3812] 09:40:49: There was some error during the Creating the Server 0x80070005

I'm at a loss for what caused this and how to bring the servers back up. What causes this error?

Edit: It turns out there was a DNS issue with the DCs. There weren't syncing correctly and causing authentication errors.

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Check your services. Specifically the Windows Deployment Services Server service. If it's not running try and restart it. I have seen issues where if WDS is running on a domain controller it will have problems starting on reboot. Generally if I start it manually after the machine is stable it will fix the problem. I'm not sure what the default start type is, but mine is "Automatic Delayed Start".

answered on Server Fault Jul 24, 2013 by floyd

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