'The RPC server is unavailable' when converting a physical ISA/Forefront TMG machine to virtual (P2V) in SCVMM


When I try to convert a physical ISA/TMG machine to virtual using SCVMM, i keep getting an error in the Collect machine configuration step ('Scan Now' button):

VMM is unable to complete the request. The connection to the agent MACHINE_NAME was lost.

Ensure that the computer MACHINE_NAME exists on the network, WMI service and the agent are installed and running and that a firewall is not blocking HTTP and WMI traffic.

ID: 3157 Details: The RPC server is unavailable (0x800706BA)

Firewall rules allow for RPC traffic from the SCVMM machine to ISA/TMG machine.

asked on Server Fault Oct 3, 2012 by Goran

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Cause: the ISA/TMG server is still blocking specific RPC/WMI traffic, which is not visible when logging the incoming traffic on the server


  1. Make sure that you have an appropriate Firewall Policy rule that will allow for RPC traffic from SCVMM to TMG server
  2. Right-click on the said rule, click "Configure RPC protocol"
  3. Uncheck "Enforce strict RPC compliance"
  4. From the right-side menu, click Tasks, then Edit System Policy
  5. Under "Remote Management" group, select "Microsoft Management Console (MMC)"
  6. Uncheck "Enable this configuration group"

The physical-to-virtual process for an ISA/TMG machine will now resume normally. Undo the changes on the virtual TMG machine after the P2V process is complete.

answered on Server Fault Oct 3, 2012 by Goran

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