How to enable connection security for WMI firewall rules when using VAMT 2.0?


I want to use VAMT 2.0 to install product keys and active software in remote machines. Everything works fine as long as the ASync-In, DCOM-In, and WMI-In Windows Firewall rules are enabled and the action is set to Allow the connection. However, when I try using Allow the connection if it is secure (regardless of the connection security option chosen) VAMT won't connect to the remote machine. I tried using wbemtest and the error always is “The RPC server is unavailable”, error code 0x800706ba.

How do I setup at least some level of connection security for remote WMI access for VAMT to work? I googled for correct VAMT setup, read the Volume Activation 2.0 Step-by-Step guide, but no luck finding anything about connection security.

asked on Server Fault Nov 24, 2011 by Ondrej Tucny

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Instead of messing with the IPSEC rules on the firewalls, why don't you just alter the scope of the rules so that DCOM-in, ASYNC-in, and WMI-in are only allowed from your workstation's IP address. That should considerably cut down the risk.

answered on Server Fault Nov 24, 2011 by MDMarra

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