FastCGI Process error when enable cURL


I have:

windows Server 2003 - IIS 7.0 - PHP 5.2

Now I tried to install cURL. I get the php_curl.dll in the php.ini and have the right extension path. I also added the both needed dll-files to the system32 directory.

Poorly as soon as I acitve the "extension=php_curl.dll" line, I get a internal error 500 with "Fast-CGI cannot be loaded correctly".

When I comment the "extension=php_curl.dll"-line out, it works fine.

Any ideas?

I found thi in the error log from windows events: "Fehlerhafte Anwendung php-cgi.exe, Version, Zeitstempel 0x4b853880, fehlerhaftes Modul php-cgi.exe, Version, Zeitstempel 0x4b853880, Ausnahmecode 0xc0000005, Fehleroffset 0x0000191a, Prozess-ID 0xf21c, Anwendungsstartzeit 01cb29beb76560b4."

asked on Server Fault Jul 22, 2010 by user26034

1 Answer


Try executing it from the command line (PHP that is). My guess is the curl lib that you are referencing is either out of date, invalid or compiled for a different version of PHP...

answered on Server Fault Jul 22, 2010 by ircmaxell

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