Permissions for Creating a Schedule Task


What permissions are needed to create a scheduled task on Windows 2008 with AD:

That error is 0x80070005 in hex. Facility 7 = Windows, error code 5 = Access Denied. The user account used to run this code doesn't have sufficient rights.

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You can put the user in the Backup Operators or Server Operators local group of the server they would schedule the task on. Or you can also do this by modifying the ACL for the tasks folder located in %SystemRoot%\system32\Tasks\.

answered on Server Fault May 2, 2012 by RomeNYRR

"Act as part of the OS" / "Logon as a service" come to mind for starters if you dont want the user to be a Local Admin on the box.

answered on Server Fault Jun 18, 2010 by GaVinci

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