DPM 2010 RC Mailbox Recovery Fails


I am testing DPM 2010 with Exchange 2010. I am attempting to restore a single mailbox from a previous backup to a Recovery Database. I created and mounting the Recovery Database on the Exchange 2010 server and set the overwrite property. When I run the restore for the mailbox and point it to the recovery databse I get the following error.

The recovery jobs for Exchange Mailbox Database MailboxDatabase01 that started at with the destination of EXCHANGE2010.domain.com, have completed. Most or all jobs failed to recover the requested data. (ID 3111)

DPM encountered an error while performaing an operation for E:\DatabaseFiles\MailboxDatabase01.edb on EXCHANGE2010.domain.com (ID 2033 Details: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process (0x80070020))

MailboxDatabase01 is one of our MDBs and not the RDB I setup for the recovery. I am confused why it is even trying to access this as I have triple checked that the recovery is pointed to the RDB.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

asked on Server Fault Apr 20, 2010 by ITGuy24

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Saw this while browsing blogs and didn't know if it would help you. Link

answered on Server Fault Apr 28, 2010 by ChrisMuench

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