Error 0x8007005 when attempting to execute a dtsx package from the command line


I am getting this error when attempting to execute a DTSX package from the Windows command line when logged in as a service account inside a domain.

Code: 0xC0011002
Source: {6DB934F3-5312-4C7C-9E59-D8CF30910966}
Description: Failed to open package
Access denied due to error 0x80070005. 
This occurs when loading a package and the 
file cannot be opened or loaded correctly into the XML document.

The service account has total control over \\some_server\some_export_folder.

This same package exports correctly when I execute it with my own login.

I have read that it might be this GPO Take ownership of files or other objects and I've read this Why does a package that runs well on dtexec fails to run under SQL Server Agent job but I am not running this package as a job. Also, this DTSX needs to run under the context of a Windows Active Directory service account and not as an administrator.

Aside from Total Control over the folder, what other permissions are required in Active Directory or on the directory itself?

asked on Server Fault Oct 28, 2020 by Craig Efrein

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