Windows Update failed to install on Windows 10 because of Mass Storage disabled


I have a problem with Windows Updates on Windows 10 machines.

We use the Windows 10 Professional Version:2004 operating system. The updates handled by our WSUS server. (Windows Server 2019)

The latest cumulative updates (2020-06 - KB4557957,2020-07 - KB4565503) are failed to install.

In the windows eventlog there is an entry which tells you to: Package KB4565503 (or KB4557957) failed to be changed to the Installed state. Status: 0x80070005.

I've tried several solutions like:

  • Windows Update troubleshooter
  • SoftwareDistrubution folder rename, delete etc.
  • Disable, remove antivirus software
  • changing services startup (wuauserv,cryptSvc,bits,trustedinstaller)
  • Update from Microsoft Update directly
  • Manual download these updates from Microsoft Catalog and install

All of these method are failed.

The symptom is the following. After I reboot the computer it appears a black screen during boot time, nothing else.

The only solution is hard reset several times and if I have luck the updates will be rolled back.

In our system there is a GPO which disable USB drives automatically.

If I create a computer object in AD and deny this GPO before I put a new computer into the domain, the updates will be installed successfully through WSUS.

If I just do this the normal way the GPO applied the updates are failed to install.

Any helps appreciated.

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I've found the solution.

  • Log in as administrator to the machine. Navigate to c:\windows\inf.
  • Changed the owner of usbstor.inf to builtin\administrators.
  • Restart the machine.
  • Edit the security and set to inherit from parent folder.
  • Remove non inherited rights from the file.
  • Install the remaining updates.

Thanks @Am_I_Helpful!

answered on Server Fault Aug 24, 2020 by wolfnlight

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