Running virtualbox vm inside openstack vm


I'm trying to run virtualbox vm (virtualbox 6.1.4, vm iso image is ubuntu 16.04) inside openstack instance for some tests ( openstack is ocata, and instance image is ubuntu 14.04), when i start vm in virtualbox, it fails. But I have started vm in virtualbox successfully on another openstack platform, what's different between these two platforms is physical server(the fail one using xeon silver 4210, the success one is xeon e5-2630), so is it due to cpu ? I checked the status of the nested boolean flag in the compute node and openstack instance, both display Y.

#  cat /sys/module/kvm_intel/parameters/nested

The part of virtualbox log info is below:

00:00:03.855791 GUI: UIMachineViewNormal::resendSizeHint: Restoring guest size-hint for screen 0 to 800x600
00:00:03.858580 ERROR [COM]: aRC=NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG (0x80070057) aIID={4680b2de-8690-11e9-b83d-5719e53cf1de} aComponent={DisplayWrap} aText={Argument aWidth is invalid (must be aWidth != 0 && aWidth <= 32767)}, preserve=false aResultDetail=0
00:00:06.822019 GUI: User request to power VM off on Guru Meditation.
00:00:06.822649 GUI: Passing request to power VM off from machine-logic to UI session.
00:00:06.822654 GUI: Powering VM down on UI session power off request...

Thanks in advance.

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