Windows error 0x00000290, 656

Detailed Error Information


MessageThe system has failed to hibernate (The error code is %hs). Hibernation will be disabled until the system is restarted.
Declared inwinerror.h

This appears to be a raw Win32 error. More information may be available in error 0x80070290.

HRESULT analysis[2]

This is probably not the correct interpretation of this error. The Win32 error above is more likely to indicate the actual problem.

This code indicates success, rather than an error. This may not be the correct interpretation of this code, or possibly the program is handling errors incorrectly.

Reserved (R)false
Reserved (X)false
FacilityCode0 (0x000)
DescriptionThe default facility code.[2][1]
Error Code656 (0x0290)

Possible solutions


Why does the gold linker cause dl_iterate_phdr() not to return my custom note section?


This code:

foo_t *payload = (foo_t*)(info->dlpi_addr + phdr->p_vaddr);

assumes that your .note.foobar is the very first Elf...Note in the PT_NOTE segment, but you can't make that assumption -- the order of notes in PT_NOTE is not guaranteed; you need to iterate over all of them.

You can verify that there are multiple notes with readelf -n test-{ld,gold}.

It appears that GNU-ld emits a separate PT_NOTE for each .note* section, while Gold merges them all into a single PT_NOTE segment. Either behavior is perfectly fine as far as ELF standard is concerned, though GNU-ld is wasteful (there is no need to emit extra PT_NOTE program headers).

Here is what I get for your test program:

readelf -l test-ld | grep NOTE
  NOTE           0x00000000000002c4 0x00000000004002c4 0x00000000004002c4
  NOTE           0x00000000000002f0 0x00000000004002f0 0x00000000004002f0
  NOTE           0x0000000000000324 0x0000000000400324 0x0000000000400324

readelf -l test-gold | grep NOTE
  NOTE           0x0000000000000254 0x0000000000400254 0x0000000000400254


Why does the gold linker cause dl_iterate_phdr() not to return my custom note section?

The direct answer is that dl_iterate_phdr doesn't deal with (or care) about sections. It iterates over segments, and assignment of sections to segments is up for linkers to perform as they see fit.

answered on Stack Overflow Jan 6, 2018 by Employed Russian • edited Jan 6, 2018 by Employed Russian

XMS.NET fails when receiving JMS message with RFH2 header at ParseJmsFolder


Is the sender application a JMS (or XMS) application or they hand crafting JMS headers? What version of XMS .NET are you using? Using RFHUtil,

I sent a message containing the JMS folder data your provided above and I see that XMS .NET V8.0 works fine. I also had to set the message type as jms_bytes. So I am wondering if the sender application is setting the message type correctly. Without the message type, application will get type casting error while receiving message.

answered on Stack Overflow Oct 30, 2015 by Shashi


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  1. winerror.h from Windows SDK 10.0.14393.0

User contributions licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0