Windows error 0x000000C3, 195

Detailed Error Information


MessageThe operating system cannot run %1.
Declared inwinerror.h

This appears to be a raw Win32 error. More information may be available in error 0x800700C3.

HRESULT analysis[2]

This is probably not the correct interpretation of this error. The Win32 error above is more likely to indicate the actual problem.

This code indicates success, rather than an error. This may not be the correct interpretation of this code, or possibly the program is handling errors incorrectly.

Reserved (R)false
Reserved (X)false
FacilityCode0 (0x000)
DescriptionThe default facility code.[2][1]
Error Code195 (0x00c3)

Possible solutions


C# Find a variable by value


A good C# practice is using of an enum:

public enum ErrorCode
    NORMAL_STOP      = 0x00000000,
    LIB_BROKEN       = 0x000000a1,
    RESOURCE_MISSING = 0x000000a2,
    METHOD_NOT_FOUND = 0x000000a3,
    FRAMEWORK_ERROR  = 0x000000b1,
    UNKNOWN          = 0x000000ff

public const string InvalidErrorCodeMessage = "Class not found";

public static string GetName(ErrorCode code)
    var isExist = Enum.IsDefined(typeof(ErrorCode), code);
    return isExist ? code.ToString() : InvalidErrorCodeMessage;

public static string GetName(int code)
    return GetName((ErrorCode)code);

Another good advice: it would be great to use the C# naming convention for error codes:

public enum ErrorCode
    NormalStop      = 0x00000000,
    LibBroken       = 0x000000a1,
    ResourceMissing = 0x000000a2,
    MethodNotFound  = 0x000000a3,
    FrameworkError  = 0x000000b1,
    Unknown         = 0x000000ff

Usage example:

void Main()
  Console.WriteLine(GetName(0)); // NormalStop
  Console.WriteLine(GetName(1)); // Class not found
  Console.WriteLine(GetName(ErrorCode.Unknown)); // Unknown
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  1. winerror.h from Windows SDK 10.0.14393.0

User contributions licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0