Windows error 0x00000035, 53

Detailed Error Information


MessageThe network path was not found.
Declared inwinerror.h

This appears to be a raw Win32 error. More information may be available in error 0x80070035.


This is a Blue Screen of Death stop code. More information is available in the Knowledge Base article Bug Check 0x35: NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS.

HRESULT analysis[3]

This is probably not the correct interpretation of this error. The Win32 error above is more likely to indicate the actual problem.

This code indicates success, rather than an error. This may not be the correct interpretation of this code, or possibly the program is handling errors incorrectly.

Reserved (R)false
Reserved (X)false
FacilityCode0 (0x000)
DescriptionThe default facility code.[3][1]
Error Code53 (0x0035)

Possible solutions


Robocopy with volume id paths?


Most likely not - direct usage of Volume ID's is typically not supported.

You could always start with a


command to map to a drive, then proceed from there.

answered on Server Fault Jun 24, 2016 by Christopher_G_Lewis • edited Jun 24, 2016 by Christopher_G_Lewis

An Outlook plugin memory leak when using CComVariant


After 2 weeks investigation, I think I have found the root cause, just as WhozCraig suspected, the root cause is unmatched AddRef() and Release().

The error code is very simple:

_variant_t vtUnk = dispatch_adapter::get(getImpl(), L"MAPIOBJECT");
CComPtr<IUnknown> pIUnk((IUnknown*)vtUnk);

To investigate this problem, I looked into some source code, the first is _variant_t

// Extracts a VT_UNKNOWN into an IUnknown*
inline _variant_t::operator IUnknown*() const 
    if (V_VT(this) == VT_UNKNOWN) {
        if (V_UNKNOWN(this) != NULL) {
            V_UNKNOWN(this)->AddRef();    // Here Added Ref
        return V_UNKNOWN(this);

    _variant_t varDest;
    varDest.ChangeType(VT_UNKNOWN, this);

    if (V_UNKNOWN(&varDest) != NULL) {
        V_UNKNOWN(&varDest)->AddRef();    // Here Added Ref

    return V_UNKNOWN(&varDest);

Then, if we look into CComPtr's constructor, we find:

CComPtr( T* lp) {if((p=lp)!=NULL) p->AddRef();}; // Here Add Ref Again.

Twice AddRef() and only once Release(), that is why a handle/memory leak happen.

To fix this, we can use CComPtr.Attach() instead of CComPtr's constructor.

answered on Stack Overflow Mar 24, 2014 by abuuu

UIWebview crashing on IOS 7 but not on IOS 6


I figured out the problem, @Jake Lin's suggestion was right it was the link. I was trying to connect to twitter and I was using the URL: and I tried changing it to: where I added the "s" in the http. Very strange problem but that seemed to fix it.


copy files from one laptop to another using powershell


There are a lot of possibilities to do so.
Yo said you would like to use powershell but than using ROBOCOPY which is actually just a program that you can start in powershell or the old cmd promt.

In powerhsell this could work:

Copy-Item -Path \\serverB\c$\temp\test.txt -Destination \\serverA\c$\tmp\test.txt;

Note: as this is using the administartive shares it needs a user who has administrative access on both machines (serverA & serverB)

Still it is possible to use Robocopy. But as your error stated: The network path was not found. Should it exist ? did you shared that folder? does the user have access?
First try local coping, than via netshare. If the user has no admin privileges you should share folder from the destination machine.

answered on Stack Overflow Jul 8, 2018 by PaulEdison

Sending file upload size exceed error to client in java


Remove this part

    maxFileSize=1024*1024     // 1Mb max

and retry. By default MultipartRequest is limiting the upload size to 1 Megabyte

answered on Stack Overflow Sep 11, 2016 by Hassen Bennour

Unreal Engine 4.8 fatal error at startup


I'd suggest just getting an official release off the official github page.

You need to register your github account with them. You can follow the instructions here:

when that is all done, you can get a official 4.8 release by downloading the zip at :

You can then follow the instructions to install a from-source version of UE4.

Otherwise, I'm pretty sure you can get 4.8 from the Epic Game Launcher that most devs are taught to start with.

Hopefully this helps :)

answered on Stack Overflow Apr 24, 2016 by Ozzadar

PHP - Filtering elements into a separate multidimensional array attached to previous key


I think I have found the solution, which generates an array that I can work with. To at least fill in those that maybe looking for something similar I used the code below:

function strposa($haystack, $needles=array(), $offset=0){
    foreach($needles as $needle) {
        if (strpos($haystack, $needle) !== false) {
            return true;
    return false;

$modlog = array();
$addlog = array();
$x = 0;
while($x < count($log)){
    if(strposa(current($log), array("modified", "Newer", "New File")) !== false){
        $addlog["file"] = current($log);


        while(strposa(current($log), array("%", "ERROR")) !== false){
            $addlog[] = current($log);


        $modlog[] = $addlog;
        $modlog[] = current($log);

This gave me the sample output of:

[24] => Array
        [file] => Newer                9.8 m    OKW3E04V101_tcm3-155664.exe
        [0] => 0.0%
        [1] => 2015/06/25 13:18:22 ERROR 53 (0x00000035) Copying File c:\test\OKW3E04V101_tcm3-155664.exe

[25] => Array
        [file] => Newer                9.8 m    OKW3E04V101_tcm3-155664.exe
        [0] => 2015/06/25 13:22:00 ERROR 53 (0x00000035) Copying File c:\test\OKW3E04V101_tcm3-155664.exe

[26] => Array
        [file] => Newer                9.8 m    OKW3E04V101_tcm3-155664.exe
        [0] => 0.0%
        [1] => 10.1%
        [2] => 20.3%
        [3] => 30.5%
        [4] => 40.6%
        [5] => 50.8%
        [6] => 61.0%
        [7] => 71.1%
        [8] => 81.3%
        [9] => 91.5%
        [10] => 100%
        [11] => 100%
        [12] => 100%

[27] => Array
        [file] => New File             1.6 m 13:37 -> 13:41
        [0] => 0%
        [1] => 2015/06/25 13:45:17 ERROR 121 (0x00000079) Copying File c:\test\

[28] => Array
        [file] => New File             1.6 m 13:45 -> 13:50
        [0] => 0%
        [1] => 15%
        [2] => 31%
        [3] => 46%
        [4] => 62%
        [5] => 77%
        [6] => 93%
        [7] => 99%
        [8] => 99%
        [9] => 100%

There could be a nicer solution out there, but it seems to work for me. If anyone has any pointers then please let me know.

answered on Stack Overflow Jun 30, 2015 by EJ Will

Windows service won't stop and restart


Not a direct answer but if you on Vista(and the afters i think) there a chance you can try:

"A service notifies the SCM to queue a failure action by entering the SERVICE_STOPPED state and setting SetServiceExitCode function's dwWin32ExitCode parameter to anything other than ERROR_SUCCESS."

Windows Vista introduced a new flag, FailureActionsOnNonCrashFailures, which services set if they want to be able to notify the SCM to initiate a failure action: See more in Vista services

answered on Stack Overflow Oct 7, 2010 by pinichi

Windows service won't stop and restart


Set up automatic generation of process dumps on this process using Process Dumper. You should be able to debug the dump post mortem to work out why this sporadic exception is happening.

It would also be useful to add diagnostics about your DB access to see what progress has been made before the exception happens. I wonder if your exit/restart strategy would work better if you schedule a task to shut down the service clean at midnight, and then start it up again once shutdown is complete.

Perhaps ODBC on the box is getting in a strange state up after the prior closedown using exit(1). When you try to repro this you say you stop and start it - is the exit mode the same in that case? Can you introduce a short delay between your exit and restart on the target server to allow ODBC connection state to clean up?

answered on Stack Overflow Oct 7, 2010 by Steve Townsend


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  1. winerror.h from Windows SDK 10.0.14393.0

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